Are Greyhounds Good With Kids? (Explained)

Are Greyhounds Good With Kids?

Greyhounds are popularly known for their athletic abilities. However, after their years of racing, they are often subjected to live the rest of their lives in shelter homes. What a lot of people do not know is that greyhounds are excellent household pets too.

As a result, there are always so many questions surrounding raising a greyhound in the home, especially in a home with kids. Are greyhounds good with kids? This Article contains all the information you need on greyhounds in the house.

Yes, Greyhounds are good with kids. Greyhounds are naturally gentle, sweet, and less stressful. However, because of their height, they may unintentionally hurt smaller kids. This can also happen when they are trying to play with the kids. 

Greyhounds are sensitive dogs. Contrary to popular opinion, Greyhounds are excellent as household pets. As much as this breed is a perfect addition to the family because of how protective, loyal, and patient they can be, despite being one of the most muscular dog breeds in the world, there is still so much to learn about them.

Will Greyhounds Harm Kids?

While most people worry about having greyhounds at home because of their kids, we can assure you that there isn’t anything to worry about. They are easy to care for. The following are reasons we know greyhounds are excellent with kids; 

1. They Are Friendly Dogs

As opposed to what many believe, greyhounds are gentle, calm, easygoing, and affectionate. They rarely bark, hence will not scare children off. In most cases, people who have greyhounds in their homes, become best buddies with their children.

They, however, do better with older children than younger ones. Children can be taught how to act around their hound dogs.

2. Greyhounds Are Calm Dogs

Greyhounds are known for their calm and quiet nature, regardless of the situation. They don’t bark often. Hence, you can ascertain that they will not wake your children up when they sleep, especially infants.

Children can get scared by a dog barking. You can be sure not to worry about your dog startling your children with greyhounds. The greyhound is for you if you live in a place where noise isn’t allowed. 

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3. Longer Life Expectancy

Greyhound dogs have a lifespan of about 12 to 14 years. Allowing them to spend time with their owners is an ideal companion. As the children grow, they grow alongside their greyhounds. 

4. Hardly Fall Sick

It can be stressful to worry about dogs falling ill. However, with the greyhound, you may never have to worry about their health.

Greyhounds are known to hardly fall sick, even when they have retired from racing. You do not need to keep them on a specific diet or undergo strenuous exercise to keep them healthy. 

5. Love Quality Time

Greyhounds are not the type of dogs that run out every time. They love to stay indoors, allowing them to spend quality time with their children without them being at risk of getting hurt. 

What Should Your Kids Know About Greyhounds? 

Although greyhounds are calm and friendly, they sometimes do not like to be disturbed. This may sound like a contradicting statement, especially for children, who are active and love to play. Despite their slight differences, children and greyhounds can live together. The following are guides to ensure a happy relationship exists; 

1. Privacy

Like you and I, greyhounds love their privacy too. They sometimes want to lie and rest and kids must understand this. Disturbing greyhounds when they want to rest may cause your dog to be aggressive or give a loud growl that may scare the kids.

Greyhounds most times love to be alone when the environment gets busy or when they are tired. This should be respected. 

2. Do Not Play With The Dog’s Food

Although greyhound is affectionate and calm, they do not like to be disturbed when they are eating. Your kids need to know that your dog will defend its food if it is taken away while the dog is eating. This can lead to your dog being aggressive while at it. 

3. Do Not Disturb Your Greyhound Sleep

Greyhounds enjoy their sleep. As a result, they may get aggressive if their sleep is disturbed. Children should not jump on, kiss, lie on or touch the greyhound when it is sleeping.

Sometimes, greyhounds sleep with their eyes open, so it might be hard to tell whether they are awake or not. Regardless, children must know they should not jump on their dogs when they need their attention. You should call your dog’s name and let it come to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are retired racing greyhounds good with kids?

Yes, unlike popular opinion, retired racing greyhounds are not aggressive and are excellent with kids. They are gentle, affectionate, and friendly. You can trust them to be wonderful friends with your kids. 

Are greyhounds vicious? 

No, greyhounds are not vicious or aggressive. However, they do not like to be disturbed when they want to be alone. They are sensitive and often walk away when disturbed. Although all greyhounds are calm and not vicious, you should know they have specific personalities, and your greyhound may show signs of aggressiveness when disturbed. 

Final Thoughts 

Greyhounds are affectionate and gentle. They make a great companion as they love to spend quality time indoors. If you are considering owning a greyhound and you have kids in the home, then you are making a good choice.

They are not loud and will not scare your children. However, greyhounds do not like to be disturbed at specific times, and you must teach your children to understand your dog. 

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