Is Preen Safe For Pets? (Cats, Dogs, Other Pets)

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Is Preen Safe For Pets?

Watching weeds grow in your lawn can be annoying; you want to do something about it, but you are unsure if preen is safe for pets. Preens are weed deterrents that some homeowners have fully adopted to eliminate weeds in their lawns.

They are made up of chemicals that can stop the growth of weed and kill it. In other words, preen can also be called weedkillers. And because of the chemical compounds, we worry about the potential harm they can cause our pets.

The idea is to kill weeds on the lawn without putting your pet in danger. This has led you to search for answers to questions like ”Is preen safe for pets?”

No, preen is not safe for pets. However, other options in the market are pet safe. When considering getting preen with weeds, you should also consider your pet. As preen has reportedly harmed cats, dogs, and all other pets.

Preen can do an excellent job on your lawn but what about your pets? There’s just a lot to find out regarding this topic. This article will introduce you to facts you need to know about whether preen is dangerous to pets and help you explore a variety of pet-friendly preen options you can go for.

Is Preen Dangerous For Pets?

Yes, preen can be pretty much dangerous to pets. Pet owners need to be aware that the chemicals in preen can be harmful to pets. Glysophate, one of the major makeup of weed killers, targets the weed’s growth. It stops the growth and proceeds to destroy the plant.

Glysophate may not be precisely toxic to pets, but coupled with other ingredients, the toxicity level is relatively high. However, it can harm pets when they sniff or ingest the weed. It is advised that pet owners shouldn’t allow their pets around the lawn when they use preen.

As this could mean putting their health at risk. Pets are prone to getting sick when they come in contact with preen; it could trigger vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, and convulsions. Keeping them out of the lawn or garden is best until the preen is completely dried off.

Also, when taking them for a walk, avoid taking them to areas sprayed with preen. If your pet accidentally comes into contact with preen, immediately take them to the vet.

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Components In Preen That Are Harmful To Pets

Preen is made up of many components, some of which are responsible for some illnesses in pets; let’s explore some toxic chemicals that are harmful to your beloved pet.

1. Trifluralin

Trifluralin is a common ingredient in preens, and it is pre-emergent. This ingredient is very toxic to pets such as rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, fish, and other aquatic life. Trifluralin can cause a series of health issues in pets, including liver and kidney damage.

2. Glysophate

This component in preen is just as harmful to pets. And when animals contact it, it could make them sick. Glysophate is one of the ingredients in preen that makes preen very toxic to animals. Due to these ingredients, pets will show signs of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, drooling, lethargy, loss of appetite, and convulsion.

Pet-friendly Weed Killers You Can Try

There are several weed killers you can use without worrying so much about your pet getting harmed, these include;

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Best Overall
1. Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Major Highlights

  • Stop weeds before they start for up to 3 months guaranteed
  • Safe for use around over 200 established flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs
  • Apply anytime in spring, summer or fall
  • Not for use on lawns
  • Weed preventer does not kill existing weeds
  • Safe for use on edibles.

This option is best for pet parents as it doesn’t contain harmful components. It prevents weeds from growing without harming flowers or important plants around.

You have little to nothing to worry about your pet when you use a preen weed preventer; this is why it is on our list of pet-friendly preen. It is glysophate and trifluralin free.

Top Pick
2. Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Major Highlights:

  • It doesn’t contain glysophate
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is very cost-effective
  • It can be used dually for cleaning and killing weeds
  • It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.


When you think of a natural way to get rid of weeds on your lawn, you should probably go for green gobbler weed killer. Unlike some preens the major ingredients are very toxic to animals and pets; green gobbler weed killer’s active weed-killing component is vinegar.

Although it has a very strong vinegar odor, this is practically safe for pets and, at the same time, can kill plants we don’t want on our lawns.

Top Pick
3. Natural Armor 30% Home And Garden Vinegar

Major Highlights:

  • It is effective and safe for pets
  • It is glysophate free
  • Serves several purposes
  • It is economical
  • It has spray features which make it easy to use.

This is your best bet when you have a pet to worry about in your home. The most active weed-killing ingredient is vinegar. It is an entirely natural weed killer; it doesn’t contain glysophate and can be used as a cleaning tool for brick walls and walks and polishing chrome.

Top Pick
4. Natural Elements Weed Killer

Major highlights:

  • Pet friendly
  • It has fast action
  • It doesn’t have a strong vinegar odor.

This is another great option to consider when you intend to eliminate weeds. Unlike some weed killers, this product doesn’t take time to kill unwanted plants in your garden.

At the same time, your pet’s safety is assured. However, using natural elements in warm weather rather than on windy days is advisable.

Value Pick
5. Ortho GroundClear Year Long Vegetation Killer

Major Highlights:

  • Safe around all kinds of pets
  • It is very effective
  • Doesn’t have a strong vinegar smell.

A lot of people argue that this is the overall best weedkiller. There is a market that is 100% safe for pets, be it dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds, or humans.

The active weed-killing component in seawater. Although this product is not very transparent with its ingredients, other ingredients used to produce Ortho GroundClear weed killer include salt, vinegar, soap, and water.


When considering using preen on your lawn, you should be aware of its negative effects on your pet. Pets are more viable to getting illness because they are closer to the ground and can easily sniff or ingest plants sprayed with preen.

To avoid health issues for your pet, it is best to restrict them from accessing the lawn until the preen is completely dried.

Another thing you can do is get a pet-friendly preen that doesn’t contain a lot of toxic chemicals.

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