8 Cat Breeds With Big Nose (2024) 

8 Cat Breeds With Big Nose

In conversations about cats, a lot of people are quick to mention their fur, eyes, ears, skin, tails, and other parts of their bodies. However, not many people mention the nose of the cat.

The nose of the cat is an interesting part of its body that not many love. Do you love cats with big noses? Are you interested in finding cat breeds with large noses?

In this article, we have put together eight cat breeds with big noses, just for you, find them below! 

8 Cat Breeds With Big Nose 

Below are the eight cat breeds with big and adorable noses;

1. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are marked and identified by their spots and markings across their bodies in different patterns. Chances are that you have mistaken a Bengal cat for a domesticated wild cat.

This is not a problem, as this occurs often and is a result of the similarities in their skin type and colors. Bengal cats were created by the crossing of a domestic cat and an Asian leopard, this means that the Bengal cat has some wild genes in it.

Since it was created, the Bengal cat has grown in popularity and has become a favorite for many people. One of the most noticeable features of the Bengal cat is its big nose, which can be attributed to its wild cats’ genes.

Although Bengal cats come with big noses and other wild cat genes, they are extremely loyal, friendly, and playful. They enjoy human company and you’ll find them following their human family everywhere. We love that they are intelligent and active. If you love having a cat with a big nose, we recommend a Bengal. 

2. Chausie Cats 

Chausie Cats 

Chausie cats are some of the best cat breeds and are amazing climbers. This and other features they have can be attributed to their original.

These cats originate from ancient Egypt and result from the coming together of a wild African jungle cat and a domestic cat. This is already noticed in the color of their coats and the pattern on them.

As a result of its gene, the Chausie cat can grow to become really large. Sometimes, they are mistaken for a Bengal because of the similarities they have, however, they are different, both in skin color and patterns.

As you must have guessed, because the chausie has the gene of an African jungle cat, they have a big, and different nose. Regardless of the chausse’s wild look, they are one of the most good-natured cat breeds you can find.

They are playful and really intelligent. We also love that they are an ideal pet for families with kids as they enjoy playing and bonding with their human friends. 

3. Sphynx

Sphynx Cats

Sphynx is one of the most distinct and unique-looking cat breeds. They have features that you probably would not believe a cat would have, but with Sphynx, all of these are possible. Sphynx was born as a result of genetic mutilation.

One of the known unique features of the sphynx is that it is hairless. It also comes with large hair, eyeballs, and distinct legs. Although the sphynx has these unique features, one of the less talked about features of the sphynx is that it has a big nose.

This big nose has helped them hunt down rodents, as it has a strong sense of being small.  If you are looking for a cat with a big nose yet low maintenance, the Sphynx cat is your ideal.

They require zero grooming because they have no fur. However, they are one to love the attention of their owners. Sphynx comes in other colors such as black and grey, however, they can be rare and expensive. 

4. Scottish Folds 

Scottish Fold

The Scottish fold is also known as the droopy-eared or lop-eared cat, thanks to its ear. This cat was first seen in 1961 on a farm in Scotland. When the Scottish fold was discovered, the most significant feature was its ears, which fold downward, unlock standing upright, like that of other cats.

As a result, it was first named a lop-eared or droopy-eared cat. However, as time went by, the name was changed to Scottish Fold and has stuck ever since. Other significant features of the Scottish folds are its big nose and owl-like face.

Without a doubt, the Scottish fold has a charming face that is irresistible for cat lovers. We love that the Scottish fold has a unique way of sitting, it sits on its hind legs, resting its front paws on its belly. If you love to have a cat with a big nose, who is also playful and sociable, yet gentle, then the Scottish fold is your ideal pet. 

5. Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the oriental shorthair is its big nose. Chances are that you will be shocked at how big the size of its nose is.  The Oriental short hair is a domestic cat breed that is from the Siamese cat breed.

Now that we mentioned it, it might be easier for you to trace some resemblance, from the body and head shape to sometimes their color. Oriental shorthair comes in different colors and patterns, although these colors were gotten from cross-breeding the Siamese cat alongside other breeds, that is, Abyssinian and British shorthair.

Among the many things the oriental shorthair is identified for, one of the most noticeable is its large nose. If you love inquisitive cats with large noses, then this breed is yours.

Oriental shorthair is perfect for owners who may be staying at home, all day long, as they do not like to be left alone, it is also an ideal cat pet for people with allergies and need hypoallergenic cats. We love that this cat is friendly and active. 

6. American Curl

The American Curl

Speaking about cats with distinct ears, the American curl is one of the cats to mention. This cat is popularly known for its curly ears, which stand out from that of other pets.

Although the creation of this breed can be said to be accidental, it has turned out to be one of the most popular pets among cat lovers. Although the other features of this cat are its round body and short legs, which makes the cat look like it’s always in a sitting posture.

The American curl is also recognized for its big nose. Do you want a cat with a big nose, long tail, and other features that match the American curl? Then you should get one of these.

We love that they are extremely intelligent, playful and enjoy human interaction. If you are one to enjoy cuddling your pet, you’ll enjoy having the American curl around. They also love to engage themselves with toys, you might want to fill the house with them! 

7. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

 Although the cornish rex is small, its muscular build gives it an athletic, elegant look. Since the first Cornish rex was born in the 1950s due to genetic mutilation, the breed has become more popular and loved by many cat lovers.

A noticeable feature of the cornish rex is its large ears, the cornish rex has ears almost larger than its head. Another fascinating feature of the Cornish rex is that it is almost bald.

It has really short hair, that feels like velvet, however, this short hair comes in a wavy pattern. The nose of the cornish rex is another feature that is interesting and easy to identify. Its nose is long and wide. The nose of the cornish rex, however, looks a lot bigger than it is because of the small size of the head of the cat. 

Despite the unique looks of the cornish rex, it has a playful and loving personality. It is also very intelligent and can adapt to new ways as well as learn new things as fast as possible. If you want a cat that has an awesome personality and a big noticeable nose, then the Cornish rex is your ideal cat. 

8. Abysinnian

Abyssinian cats

 The Abyssinian cat is a famous one among many cat lovers. This cat is recognized for its distinctive features, such as its large almond-shaped eyes and ears that resemble a rabbit.

Another feature of the Abyssinian cat worthy of noting is its big nose. The nose of the Abyssinian breed is triangular, and as such, it contributes to the cat’s overall elegance. An Abyssinian is, for a reason, a domestic cat.

It is active and very playful; you may need to schedule activities that allow the pet makes use of its high energy. We especially love the pet’s intelligence and curiosity.

This breed has no problem socializing and interacting with other pets and their human friends and family. If you do not mind a playful and active cat and love the big nose of the Abyssinian, then you should get this breed. 

Final Thoughts 

The nose of the cat is part of its body that contributes to its overall beauty and elegance.

If you are fascinated by the different big sizes of cat noses, then you should look through the list above and get one of these breeds for yourself. Most of these cats are lovely for home and fit different personalities and life. You’ll definitely find one for you here! 

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