Can Cats Eat Raw Turkey Necks?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Can Cats Eat Raw Turkey Necks?

The peculiarities of cats would make you wonder if they can eat raw turkey necks. Cats are quite popular for executing strange behaviors. We always don’t know what mischief they are up to. When it comes to what they eat, pet owners have to be very cautious. 

Studies have shown that some human foods are good for cats while some others are potential threats to their health. However, having an open mind while caring for cats and protecting them from dangers are critical attributes of being a cat parent. 

Since we are quite aware that cats are carnivores and that major source of protein comes from meat and fish. We may now wonder if raw turkey necks also fit into their meal plan.

Yes, cats can eat raw turkey neck. However, there are certain precautions to be aware of. You can include raw turkey necks in your cat’s diet but it should be done in moderation. Turkey is rich in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals that can improve your cat’s wellness. 

The essential nutrient that cats need is proteins and turkey necks contain this nutrient in an impressive amount. Stick around, there’s more to find out about cats and raw turkey necks in this blog post.

Can Cats Eat Raw Turkey Necks?

If you are still in doubt about whether cats can eat raw turkey neck, the short answer is yes, they can. Cats don’t mind eating turkey necks raw. Whether in the wild or not, cats are natural hunters of prey. 

Their first instinct is to hunt for their food and when they make their kill, they don’t wait for it to get cooked, they always go ahead to eat the meat raw. Turkey necks are high in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and other minerals that help boost cats’ immunity to several infections and diseases. 

Although many cat parents find it difficult to offer this meal to their cats for fear of them contracting foodborne diseases, raw turkey necks, unlike some processed foods, are not bad for cats. It is an ideal meal for them.

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Do Raw Turkey Necks Expose Cats To Health Risks? 

It is relatable to have concerns about your cat eating raw meat.

But we need to keep in mind that originally cats only munch on uncooked meats in the wild. Nonetheless, your suspicions are valid as there are indeed risks associated with cats eating raw turkey bones. And they are discussed below;

1. Foodborne Diseases

Common bacteria like salmonella, and Listeria can hide in raw meat. These bacteria are usually taken care of when meats are thoroughly cooked.  But when your cat ingests raw turkey necks that are contaminated with these bacteria, there’s a high chance of getting foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis, and listeriosis. 

The common symptoms of these foodborne illnesses in cats are fever, lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, and shock. 

2. Choking Risks And Oral Injuries

Since raw turkey necks contain more bones than meat, your cat is more exposed to choking hazards. Unlike dogs, cats don’t do too well with bones. While struggling to ingest the bones it may splinter and hurt their gastrointestinal tract. 

Plus, when bones get stuck in or injure a cat’s gum, it would cause a lot of discomfort and trauma to their oral health. 

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Raw Turkey Necks To Cats?

Although there are risks involved in feeding raw turkey necks to cats, there are benefits as well.

1. Strengthens Immune System

Vitamins and minerals essential for strengthening the immune system of cats are present in raw turkey necks. When cats have strong immune systems, they won’t be susceptible to common illnesses and diseases. 

2. Improves Oral Health 

Raw turkey neck also contains dental health benefits as it contains calcium. Calcium also plays a crucial role in strengthening a cat’s teeth. While cats eat this meal, they are unaware of this fact but they are also cleaning their teeth in the process. 

3. Promotes Healthier Bones And Joints

Raw turkey necks are enriched with proteins, calcium, glucosamine, phosphorus, and chondroitin. When raw turkey necks are ingested, these nutrients altogether can help promote stronger bones and joints in cats. 

4. Build Muscles

Studies have proven that raw turkey necks contain amino acids. This nutrient is vital for building blocks of proteins. Which in return would help build muscles in cats. The heart and brain muscles also benefit from these nutrients. 


Cats can eat raw turkey neck and they would enjoy it. It is natural for cats to eat uncooked meats but that doesn’t mean they are no health risks involved in eating raw turkey meats. 

The common dangers of cats having raw turkey necks in their bowls are food-borne diseases like salmonellosis and listeriosis. Also another risk to be cautious of is that turkey necks contain a lot of bones which could cause choking hazards. 

However, the health benefits of this dish can not be overlooked as it can improve your cat’s dental health, build their muscles, strengthen their immune system, and promote healthy bones. 

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