Do Deers Eat Bananas?

Jasmine Okechukwu
Do Deers Eat Bananas?

When you are trying to distract deers from your crops, you may wonder whether deers eat bananas. Deers are scattered everywhere in the world. Commonly they are chronic grazers, they move around in the quest for plants and grass they can eat.

Deers may not be small animals, but they are still ranked as one of the most hunted animals in the world. Their major source of nutrients and energy may come from frequently eating plants and grass. But do they also eat fruits such as bananas?

Yes, deers can eat bananas as well. Bananas can also provide deers with some essentials for their well-being. Nutrients like potassium, fiber, and vitamins in bananas can be useful to these natural grazers. However, no matter how deers will love this fruit it is best to give them as an occasional treat.

Bananas are fruits that are highly nutritious but should be offered to deers in moderation. Nonetheless, deers are interesting animals and this will be focusing on providing vital information about whether deers do eat bananas.

Is Banana Good For Deers?

Bananas may not be on deers’ menu but when they come across this food they would surely snack on it. Bananas are packed with nutritious goodness that deers can benefit from. They are probably enriched with vitamins, fibers, and potassium.

Deers enjoy bananas as they have a sweet tooth and wouldn’t say no to this fruit when it is being offered to them. 

However, it is not recommended to give them this fruit regularly as they also contain a high amount of sugar. Deers’ digestive systems may find it hard to break down too much sugar. This is why a lot of experts have advised that bananas be fed to deers in moderation and also on occasion. 

Can Deers Eat Banana Peels?

Banana peels could be bad for deers. Deers may not have a problem eating the peel and the bananas but it is actually not ideal for them.

Banana peels have little or no nutritional value in them and when deers eat them they may easily get filled up. 

This will however cause them to not feel hungry enough to eat other meals that are beneficial to them. When deers constantly eat banana peels, they may get malnourished and be prone to all forms of deficiencies and illnesses. 

How To Properly Feed Bananas to Deers

Feeding deer with bananas may not be as simple as you think. You need to be aware of how to serve them bananas in order to avoid issues from arising.

The following are tips to help you properly go about this task;

  • You might want to go ahead to peel the bananas first.
  • Chop The bananas into smaller pieces. This would make it easier for them to eat it.
  • Mash The Bananas to make them super easy to digest
  • Remember to feed bananas to deers in moderation.

Health Benefits Of Bananas To Deers

Bananas are healthy fruits, they contain a variety of nutrients that deers can benefit from. The following are the benefits of feeding bananas to deers.

1. Regulate Blood Sugar Level

When eaten in moderation, bananas can regulate deer’s blood sugar levels. Bananas can be easily digested because they contain soluble fiber. It is important to note that it isn’t advisable to give deers this fruit in large portions at once as it may spike their sugar levels instead of regulating them. 

3. Boost The Immune System 

Bananas contain vitamin c that can help strengthen the immune system of deers. When their immune systems are strengthened, their bodies will be strong enough to fight off diseases, thereby keeping them healthy. 

4. Improve The Kidney And Heart

There is no doubt that bananas are very rich in potassium. Potassium can aid kidney and heart improvement. This nutrient from bananas is very essential for keeping the kidney and the heart healthy in humans and even for deers as well.


Deers’ natural food includes plants, grasses, seeds, and suds. But they won’t decline bananas whenever it is offered to them. Bananas are nutritious fruits that contain carbs, potassium, vitamins, and minerals.

And deers can maintain good health with this snack. 

However, bananas may not be safe if given to them in large quantities and with peel. That’s why it is recommended that deers have bananas without the peel and in moderation.  

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