30 Hilarious Cat Memes Only Feline Parents Will Understand

30 Hilarious Cat Memes Only Feline Parents Will Understand

Cats are one of the most entertaining creatures to have; there’s really no dull moment with them. Their unique personalities, mischievous nature, and independent attitude make them even more hilarious. 

As a cat parent, there’s no denying you’ve experienced the joy and sometimes frustration of living with your feline friend(s). With so much cat content at our disposal online, getting lost in an infinite scroll can be pretty straightforward.

Whether you’re watching mischievous cats getting in trouble or heartwarmingly charming kittens being all adorable, there’s always a new cat meme you can relate to. In this post, we’ve listed 30 hilarious cat memes only feline parents would understand.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare for some serious feline funnies that will crack you up! 

Top 30 Hilarious Cat Memes That Get Cat Parents Every Time

1. “Hey Kitty, here’s a new toy”— no, I prefurr the box it came in!

You went through all the trouble of getting me a new toy? The toy is great, but have you seen this box? It’s the ultimate feline playground. It’s got multiple levels, it’s got holes to poke my paws through, it’s got endless possibilities. Sorry, toy. You’re cool and all, but this box is where it’s at.

2. Wake up, Hooman, it’s 3 am

It’s midnight, and you’re fast asleep, but that doesn’t stop your cat, because they’re like: hey human, I’m feeling restless. You’re fast asleep, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ll just keep pawing at your face, purring loudly, and knocking things off until you wake up. I need attention, and I need it now!

3. Who needs a big bed when you have a small box?

No one: 

Your cat: Oh, you think that box is too small for me? Challenge accepted. I will contort my body in ways you never thought possible to fit into that box. Who needs comfort when you have the satisfaction of fitting into a tiny space? Not meow. 

4. Boss Kitty: I’m not just a cat, I’m the ruler of this house.

When your cat becomes the master of the house— I’ll go wherever I want, do whatever I want, and demand attention whenever I want it. You’re just living in my world now. Purr.

5. You accidentally step on my tail = WARR!

I’m minding my own business, walking around the house, then suddenly, you step on my tail? How dare you! This means war. I will never forget this treachery.

6. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.

You don’t understand me, human? That’s okay, I’ll just keep talking anyway. Maybe if I meow louder and longer, you’ll finally get the message.

7. Feline foodie feline hungry

When you open a can of tuna and suddenly become the boss. Okay, it’s dinner time, you can be the boss. Now feed me. 

8. You want to play with me? Sorry, not interested!

I’ll just sit here and ignore you while you try to get my attention. Wait, what are you doing? Don’t walk away! Come back and pet me!

9. Your home looks great; now let’s knock things over

You have so many things on this counter; I just can’t resist knocking them off. I’ll swat at them with my paw and watch them fall to the ground. It’s so satisfying! Who needs decor anyway? 

10. When I death stare, you shall obey 

Hooman, my death stare is my way of reminding you who’s in charge. You may not understand it, but just accept it and give me the attention I deserve. Now, bow to your feline ruler.

11. What, you don’t like cat saliva?

Who needs a boring old water bowl when you have a fancy human cup? That’s right, I’m just going to drink from your glass. Now, if you could hold it steady while I slurp up the good stuff, that’d be great. Oh, don’t mind the saliva and fur in your drink, it’s just extra flavor!

12. Pet me or I bite you

Give me all the pets and no one gets hurt. Don’t try negotiating with a furry terrorist like meowself. You’ve been warned.  

13. Zoom call? More like cat call

Oh, I see you’re trying to be productive. Let me just hop on that zoom call with you and remind everyone who’s the real boss. Meoww! 

14. I’m the star of the show, not the TV

Who needs a TV when you have a cat? I’m just going to block your view and make you focus on the star, you can thank me later. 

15. I cat-cidentally broke the lamp

Me: Why did you do that?

Cat: Well, you know me, I’m always the brightest thing in the room. The lamp was just stealing my thunder.

16. I’m home, meow-man!

When your long lost cat finally returns home and acts like they were only gone for five minutes: “What, I was just out for a stroll. You, humans, worry too much! Purr.” 

17. Catz can’tz share 

You wanted to sleep in the bed? Sorry, I beat you to it. I’m just going to stretch out my body and take up as much space as pawsible. Don’t worry, you can sleep on the edge or find somewhere else to sleep. Meow-ha-ha-ha! 

18. Why sleep when you can play?

Wake up and give me some chin scratches and belly rubs before I pounce on your feet. Eff it, I’m just going to stare at you till you wake. 

19. Ha! Gotcha, I win this round

Oh, you were sitting here? Not anymore human! As soon as you get up, I will take your spot. It’s our little game, I win, you lose. 

20. Who needs human friends when you have a feline buddy?

When you’re trying to plan a vacation without your feline friend. But who are we kidding, we’d rather bring our cat than any human companion anyway.

21. Feline comfy = snooze

I finally found a good spot to nap in, but it’s right on top of my human’s work. Sorry not sorry!

22. Sock-pocalpse: Chewed socks taste better

You thought it was finally safe to wear socks again? Think again, I’m always one paw ahead. But it was fun while it lasted, now I’m going back to hiding my love for chewing socks…so you can bring them out, again. 

23. Sorry, human, I’m a cat, not a model

Trying to get a cute picture of me? Wait, let’s make it blurry and sassy. I’m just going to look away as you press the capture button. 

24. The ultimate betrayal— handle with care

When my hooman mistakenly wakes me up, and I give them a look like “you’ve just created a feline beast, I will remember this”. 

25. Breakfast in bed meow, please 

It’s 4am and I have to eat, get up human and feed your furry lord. Rise and shine, time to serve me the delicious meal I deserve. 

26. The house looks too clean; time to make some mess

This human’s cleaning spree has gone too far, time to redecorate with some hairballs, the more the mess the more comfortable I am. 

27. Sheesh, I’m scared; oh wait, it’s just my shadow

I’m just minding my own business, walking around the house, when suddenly I see something move. Oh wait, it’s just my own shadow. No big deal. I’m a cat, I get scared easily.

28. Hey, human, let’s play hide and seek

Where did I go, human? Oh, you can’t find me? That’s because I’m hiding under the bed, or behind the curtains, or in that secret spot that only I know about. Good luck finding me!

29. Feed me first; talk to me later

You want my attention? Sorry, I’m busy with more important things like cleaning my paws or taking a nap. Does it feel like I’m ignoring you? Then bring out the treats, so we can talk.

30. Feline like royalty

My throne may be a cardboard box, but it’s fit for a queen like me. I demand your attention, your love, and your treats. For I am not just a cat, I am royalty in fur.

In conclusion, cats are weird, wonderful, and endlessly entertaining creatures.

As a cat parent, you never know what to expect from your furry friend, but that’s part of the fun. So embrace the meows, and the occasional hairball, because life with a cat is never dull.

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