This Cat’s Expression As He Watches His Owner Pet Another Feline Is Heart Touching

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat looks betrayed

You might think felines don’t bother much about their owners but that is not true. Cats can display behaviors that might be interpreted as jealousy especially when their owners interact with other cats that they are mostly unfamiliar with.

Of course, they don’t experience emotions in the same manner that humans do but they can also be territorial and possessive of their owners or caregivers.

When a cat sees their owner playing or interacting with another cat, there is a high tendency that they will show signs of disapproval or displeasure. This can sometimes include behaviors like vocalizing, hissing, or withdrawing from the situation.

Some cats may feel a pang of betrayal which causes them to feel and look hurt just by watching the scene. The cat in this video shared on TikTok will make you feel sorry for him for going through such betrayal from Hooman. Take a look.

The video begins with a cat contentedly nestled on his owner’s lap, sharing smiles and joy in what seems like a delightful moment. However, the scene takes an unexpected turn when the camera shifts to reveal another corner of the room where Suki silently watched.

Instead of the anticipated angry expression, this cat wears a look of hurt and betrayal. His big, expressive eyes tell a tale of heartbreak that touched our hearts.

No doubt that betrayal can hurt more than anything in the world and poor Suki is going through this terrible ordeal by just watching them.

Suki was a calm and gentle boy because unlike him other cats would have “thrown paws” at the other cat for daring to take his place but he just maintained his calm.

The comments poured in, with viewers empathizing with Suki’s seemingly wounded feelings. Many even urged the owner to apologize for the betrayal and we agree that Suki deserves an apology.

In subsequent posts, the owner shares some more videos, capturing moments of exclusive playtime and affection with Suki as an assurance that he does hold a special place in their home.

Cat owners must be sensitive to their pets’ reactions and provide reassurance and affection especially when other pets are living with them. Well, we are glad to find that Suki still maintains his spot in his home.

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